Terms & Conditions
The Pressure Professor guarantees all products and labor supplied under this contract to meet or exceed the standards of the trade.

1.    This warranty does not apply to any work or product not provided by The Pressure Professor
2.    This warranty does not apply to any damages caused by factors beyond the control of The Pressure Professor, such as:
a.    Existing structural defects or products or work not supplied by The Pressure Professor
b.    Improper maintenance, usual or unusual wear of cleaned surfaces
c.    Plants or shrubs which are under stress due to climate or other procedures
d.    Acts of God

3.    The Pressure Professor shall only be obligated, under this warranty for structural or plant damages which are a direct result of operator error and is discovered within 15 days of said date of completion of work and only if written notice is given at business address listed below within 15 days of said completion. The Pressure Professor, <ADDRESS>
4.    Upon receipt of written notice,The Pressure Professor shall be allowed 30 days from date of receipt for the purposes of inspecting the premises.

5.    The Pressure Professor shall have sole option of repairing or contracting repair work correcting any structural or plant damages that are a direct result of Operator error.

6.    The maximum limit of liability of WebbIX, Inc./Whyte Wash under this warranty shall be $10,000.  Under terms and conditions of their contract.

7.    No representation or warranty made by any other person, expressed or implied, other than an authorized representative of The Pressure Professor which is not specifically set forth herein shall be binding upon The Pressure Professor

8.    The Pressure Professor assumes no liability for cancellation or non-completion of job due to causes beyond the control of WebbIX, Inc./Whyte Wash including acts of God, labor disputes or material shortages.

Customer Agrees To:
1.    Keep job site free from any obstructions or conflicts that would interfere with the performance or work of The Pressure Professor  It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure that children and/or pets are kept clear of the work site.

2.    Provide The Pressure Professor exclusive access to areas covered by this contract during the performance of work specified in this contract, and areas to be covered are to be cleared of other workers, equipment, and materials.

3.    Provide The Pressure Professor with water supply (if accessible) to perform services. If water supply fails during performance of the job work will be terminated until water supply is available or off site water can be obtained. Customer will be responsible for surcharge to transport water.

4.    Ensure the building doors and windows are properly closed prior to work start up. Any structural problems which would result in water or chemical damage to the structure interior.

5.    Be responsible for the removal or clean up of resulting waste products on the job site, unless otherwise specified within the contract.

Both Parties Agree that:
1.    This proposal, when signed by both parties, becomes a contract binding on both parties.

2.   The Pressure Professor shall not be responsible for noise or water run off created by equipment and process.

3.    In the event that work must be stopped while job is in progress, due to changes by customer or unforeseen defects or delays on the customer’s part, the customer will pay for labor time incurred.  If the situation can be remedied on the job by the contractor, he will do so with customer’s consent and a signed waiver.

4.    Neither party is liable for delay or cancellation due to causes beyond their control but any other cancellation is subject to a charge of 10%.

5.    The Pressure Professor is not liable for any consequential or incidental damage or for any loss resulting from defects as noted in the agreement.

6.    Payment for services is due upon completion unless other payment terms are arranged prior to beginning work on the job.