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"Teaching Dirt a Lesson!"

The Pressure Professor (formerly Whyte Wash Pressure Cleaning) has served the Jacksonville area since 1993 and we have over a thousand satisfied customers, both residential and commercial. Our service can provide your pressure cleaning needs with confidence.

In the warm and moist climate we enjoy in Florida the potential for mold, mildew and algae growth is a fact of life. The visual appearance of your home, decks, fences, drives and walkways is diminished. There is some indication that the discoloration caused by mold and algae on your roof may also increase attic temperature resulting in higher cooling expense and potentially reduce the life of your roof due to higer temperatures. With a pressure cleaning your home will have a fresh new appearance that may save a costly painting job. Your roof cleaning will provide visual appeal and may also help prolong the life of your roof.

The Pressure Professor can clean a variety of building surfaces including concrete block, brick, vinyl siding. wood and metal. We also clean and treat walkways, drives, curbing of concrete, painted surfaces, pavers and wood decking.

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